Companies are entities saved in Cyrious Online to make ordering, shipping, and taxing easier. Often times, especially with regional and national clients, one company (in the real world) is listed in Cyrious Online as several companies based on each branch or franchisee. Because each company can have one primary shipping address, most businesses find it easier to enter every different shipping address as its own company. This limits the risk of picking the wrong address and sending signs to the wrong place. It is possible to have one company's orders billed to another company, such as a company headquarters. Companies are attached to customer_website_setup (or Customer Website Groups) and to orders so every company has to be assigned to a customer website. Also, orders cannot exist in the system without a valid company. If you wish to delete a company, make sure there are no current orders in the system, and contact Cyrious Support so we can delete the company for you.


The Screen you see on the companies page should look something like this. You have two basic options from here. You can add a new company by clicking the blue button, or you can can edit an existing company by clicking on on the name of the company. For more information, check the links go to quick_view or edit_company

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