When your business was created, Cyrious already created one customer website. You can create more websites and website groups (though there may be a charge for them). But first, a bit of explanation about what a customer website is.


A customer website is a focused website for one or more of your customers. A customer website may be created for a single customer or for a group of similar customers. Generally, you'll use these guidelines to determine when you can combine different customers into one website and when to set up a separate websites:

  • Product Catalog. All customers on a customer website share the same product catalog. If you need to show different products to different customers, those will need to be different customer websites.
  • Pricing. All customers on a customer website share the same pricing. If you need to set up different prices for different customers, those will need to be different customer websites.
  • Financial Approvers. If you set up user as a customer website administrator, they will have approval and administrative rights for all customers on that website. Therefore, if you do this then you will not want any outside customers on this website.

A typical set up consists of:

  • Separate customer websites for each franchise or chain.
  • Separate customer websites for each multi-location or high-volume customer.
  • A shared websites for all smaller customers. This shared website may be public or private, depending on the business preferences.

You can also create a grouping level above customer websites: the Customer Website Group.


The purpose of the customer website group is to allow for shared themes, approvers, and other options across similar customer websites. Some examples of how this is used include:

  • To separate different franchise regions with different approval chains.
  • To separate franchise stores from corporate owned chain stores when both are present.
  • To group similar large users (e.g., hospital) in a franchise/chain when the product details vary considerably from location to location.
Listing Customer Websites and Groups

Setting up Customer Website and Customer Website Groups is accessed from the Setting Page. Click “Set up your Customer Websites and Website Groups” or “View Customer Websites”. Customer Websites are shown grouped by Customer Website Group.


Available actions include:

  • Click on the Customer Website name to view or edit the detailed customer website information.
  • Click on the Customer Website Group name in the header to view or edit the detailed customer website group information.
  • Click Add Customer Website to add a new customer website.
  • Click Add Customer Website Group at the top of the page to add a new customer website group.
Setting up Customer Websites

In the customer website detailed screen, information is arranged into several tabs:

  • Customer Website - Contains the name, web prefix (DNS subdomain) and basic website information.
  • Theme - Used to set the default colors and fonts for customer websites.
  • Images and Documents - Used to upload and view the customer website image, and other digital assets.
  • Approval - Used to set the default financial approval options for orders.
  • Product Catalog - Used to set which products are in the product catalog for this website, and which shipping methods are available.

Customer Website Tab

This tab is used to enter your the website settings.


What's important to do:

  • Choose a Name. This name is displayed in many places so that your employees know the source of the order.
  • Set the Group. Choose a customer website group. If you aren't using website groups, you can put all of the websites in the same group.
  • Choose a Web Address prefix. Enter Cyrious Online's default web prefix for this website. This prefix will be used in two ways:
    • For the built in URL, this will be combined with the business prefix to create your unique web address. The result will be of the form https:WebsitePrefix-BusinessPrefix.cyriousonline.com. * Make this a public website. If you check this box, customers can browse and order from this website without logging in or creating a user account. (They will have the option to create an account on checkout.) Cyrious recommends you leave this unchecked until you are ready to roll-out your public website. Additional fields: * Employee Rep - If desired, select an employee that will be listed as the primary contact for this customer website. * Primary Contact - If desired, select a customer contact that will be listed as the primary contact for this customer website. ===Theme=== ===Images and Documents=== The Images and documents tab houses a folder you can use to store digital assets that apply to the storefront. customer_website_-_images_tab.png_width600 What's important to do: * Upload your customer website logo. The primary image is displayed above the search bar for this customer websites. The first image you upload is automatically set as the primary, though you can change any image to be the primary. ===Approval=== The financial approval tab is used to control financial approval requirements for orders. These settings may be overidden for each customer. See Financial Approval for information on how the financial approval process can be used to integrate higher levels of approval in the ordering process. ===Product Catalog=== On the Product Catalog tab, you can specify which of the products you have created are included in the Product Catalog for this customer website. Any product not included will never be revealed on the website. customer_website_-_products_tab.png_width600 Similarly, you can also select which shipping methods are valid for this customer website. Note, you can also change which websites a specific product or shipping method is displayed on from within the setup of those items. This screen provides a way to quickly set up and modify entire catalogs, especially when creating a new customer website that will use existing products. ==Employee Website== In addition to your Customer Websites, Cyrious Online automatically maintains a website for your employees to use. The Employee Website provides access to all product catalogs, companies, contacts, and orders. It can be used for entering orders as well as managing orders that are placed. The employee website uses the prefix cyrious- and automatically uses the business theme. You do not need to do anything to set up the Employee Website. =References= Created : {$creationdate} Revision : {$revisiondate} Links <html><div style=“margin-left: 20px;”> include page="" component="backlinks" </div></html>
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