The home page will load whenever you first open the employee website. The Home page is where an employee can manage their companies, such as making orders, monitoring orders, and creating new products. Managing the rest of Cyrious Online can be done in online_orders, online_companies, and online_settings respectively.

The top right of your screen has four buttons for username, cart, trash, and inbox. trash only appears if you have something in your cart.

Making Purchases from the Home Screen

The main display in the Home Screen is top selling products. To view available products by category, click on any of the categories in the list above the top selling products. You can also search for any product individually by its name with the search bar.

After selecting a product, if the choice is available, you may select artwork. Employees and administrators can decide whether or not to make the choice available on particular products in online_settings by clicking on either product_setup or product_setup

After selecting artwork, you may have the opportunity to custom design in with the online_designer

You may also have the ability to upload a previously designed file. Click on upload a file and then follow the prompts.

Select the desired modifications, if any, and select the quantity to be ordered. For an employee all of those options can be managed in product_setup

After selecting the desired modifications, you can hit Add to cart to save the product in your cart and continue shopping, or you can hit Buy Now to finalize your order and check out. Before you hit Buy Now, be sure to add a company and contact into the cart display on the left side of the screen

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