Cyrious Online includes an integrated Online Designer and Editor (ODiE). ODiE allows the buyer to easily design, customize their prints, signs, and other products you produce.

The purpose of the Online Designer is to give your customers an easy way to make changes, see their results in real-time, and give you a designer_-_pdf_output|high-resolution PDF to print from. It is designed to so that you may restrict the designer_-_working_with_colors|colors and designer_-_working_with_fonts|fonts as is often required when working with a large business, franchise, or chain. It also provides the approval mechanism necessary to ensure the user signs-off on the image they designed before it is produced.


The online designer is a simple but powerful tool for the your customers. One common use of ODiE is to enable a user to quickly customize a template with their information. In this example, a standard real-estate sign may be quickly customized by the users with their name and phone number. The user can see what the final product will look like as they design it which makes the required artwork approval much easier and more timely.

How Do I Enable the Online Designer?

In order to use the Online Designer, you must create a product with the type Manufactured and a size must be specified on the Standard attributes tab. Once these two settings are defined then the Artwork tab on the product becomes active allowing you to create artwork for that product.

However, more advanced customization is possible and can include:

  • User design elements.
  • User uploaded images.
  • Images from a shared folder you set up in Cyrious Online.
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