The Orders page allows you to view all of the orders that have been placed, as well as some information about them. If you click into a specific order, you can see it in depth and edit it.

Here is what the page looks like if you have hit the Collapse All button.


If you hit expand all, you can see more without going into the actual order.

If you hit the Edit Order Button, you will be taken back through the entire check out process and have the ability to change everything. However, it will need approval again if you do.

If you click on the blue order number, you are taken to a page where you have the ability to approve orders and other actions.

Approving the Order will move its status from Pre-released to Released.

Once the order has been marked as both Paid and Delivered, it moves into the Closed category.

If an order has been marked Delivered, but not Paid, it is in the AR, or Accounts Receivable station.

The Artwork that you are going to print from can be accessed from the orders tab. To download the printable PDF, you have to expand the line order item. Click the Arrow graphic to the right of the Edit Order button.

Once you do that, the box will expand and you can click Print Ready PDF and it will download.

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