General Tab

Once you've selected Stock, the next thing to do is choose what product_categories your product will be in. There are several pre loaded categories, but if you want to create your own just hit Manage Categories. For more information, check the product_categories Page.

Then, you choose whether you want the product to be in a Choice Group. For more information on what that means, check choice_groups

The next step is to enter Search Tags and SKUs. In the Tags bar, you want to enter any keyword that relates to your product. When people use the search bar on the online_home Page, it brings up products based on whether the Tags match what was searched. Use a comma to show where one tab ends and another begins.

SKUs are specific identifiers for each product. You can leave these blank and Cyrious will automatically generate an SKU behind the scenes.

Now its time to enter the Search Description and Order Description. This is the text that you want to show up next to the thumbnail for the product. Our text boxes accept HTML if you want to get fancy.

Hit Save and move on to the next page.

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