Product Categories provide users with a hierarchical means to organize your products. The product category can (optionally) be displayed on the home screen as a way for users to show a particular type of product.

Product Category Setup

You may access product category set up in two ways.

  1. Click on View Product Categories on the Settings Page.


  1. From within Product Setup, click on Manage Categories“. product_setup_-_manage_categories.png_width600 The product category screen product_category_setup.png_width700 On the product category setup screen, you can perform the following actions: * Add Category - To create a new category, click on the “Add Category” button. Enter the new category name. Categories are automatically sorted alphabetically. * Add Subcategory - To create a category underneath another category, select the top category and click the “Add Subcategory” button. Enter the new category name. Hint: Don't forget to set whether you want the new subcategory to show on the menu or not. * Remove - To delete a category, select the category and click the Remove button. Note, you can only delete categories that are not being used by your existing products. The list of products in that category are displayed on the right. * Rename - To rename a category, select the category and click the Rename button. * Set whether the category shows on the menu. - To set if a category should show up on the menu or not, select the category and check or uncheck the “Show on Menu” option. Note: Any category without any products in a particular customer website will automatically be hidden to that website.


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