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Welcome to all our Cyrious Online Seasoned Pro's

  • Cyrious Online has a lot of really cool features, Some of which aren't necessary to everyday use, but can enhance your Online Experience!
    • This page has technical information for Online users, as well as a step by step walk through of some of the more advanced Online procedures.


Find the corresponding link below that matches the your employee website.

~ greenshot000106.png_width75_height95_linkonline_home From the Online home page, users are walked through the Username, Cart, trash, and Inbox options. They are also walked through the process of ordering products, inducing a brief introduction to Artwork and Cyrious Online's Customization.
NOTE The Online home page is NOT the same as the home page.
~ greenshot000107.png_width75_height95_linkonline_checkout The Checkout tab looks a little different then it does when actually using Cyrious Online, but all the same functions from the website are explained through the wiki.
There are five tabs in the order process, all of which are explained on the Wiki: 1.My Cart, 2.Approve Artwork, 3.Shipping, 4.Payment, and 5. Confirm
~ greenshot000108.png_width75_height95_linkonline_orders Another part of Cyrious Online that sometimes requires external information is the Orders tab.
From the Orders tab you can manage your Contact's orders, See there Status, who they were Placed By, the name of the Company, the specific Customer Website, the product price and much much more.
~ greenshot000109.png_width75_height95_linkonline_companies The initial Companies page covers what the general Companies page looks like, as well as a brief overview of what a company is, and provides a link to the customer websites page. Also, from the Online Companies Page you can access the quick_view Button or the edit_company
~ greenshot000110.png_width75_height95_linkonline_settings

Like it says above in the “Setting Up Your Business Part 1” webinar, from the Setting Wheel you can change the color scheme, create Customer Storefronts, and Manage who can see/buy what. || Maybe a Video will Help!

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Want to Talk About it?

We offer forums to Online users that are monitored by Our staff, where you can enter Suggestions of things you wish to see integrated into Cyrious Online, as well as bugs that you've located and would like to see fixed.


Couldn't Find Anything?

Contact us any time with the Ask Cyrious ! Box at the bottom left corner of the screen.

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This page is another page where we want to emphasis the importance of the orange “ask cyrious” blurb, because there will be lots of technical questions that we cover, but there will also be some that are so spcific that we can't possibly know the answer to.

this page should have easy to jump to links that narrow down technical questions

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