=Websites Overview=

Customer Websites

A Customer Website represents a website targeted at a specific customer or customer group. For example, if “Peter's Pizza” is a large customer with three locations, you could create a customer website selling specifically to their needs. Each of the “Peter's Pizza” locations would be companies associated with that customer website.


In this example, each contact could order for their location, and their corporate staff member (with the cape!) could be given rights to order for any of the locations.

In practice, Cyrious Online allows you to have many customer websites serving your different groups. A more complete diagram of a business with several websites might look like this:


In this example, customer websites are created for SuperBurger and BigStore. A public website (see below) was also created for your customers that do not need a specialized website.

Public Websites


Filtering Products by Customer Website

Website Administrators

Website Groups


Website Group Administrators

Employee Website

Your business also has a special website that is designed for your employees to use. All employees have access to all customers, regardless of the website they are associated with. When entering orders, employee must identify the Company and Contact that the order is for. If any of the products being ordered are not sold in that storefront, a message will be displayed and the order can not be saved.

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