Cyrious Online offers their clients the unique opportunity to see through their customers eyes. After Storefront/Websites have been created, it is possible for Employees to Switch from viewing the Employee Website to seeing the Customer Website and impersonate their contacts.

There are two different ways to achieve flipping between Employee Websites and Customer Storefronts:

From the Settings tab, you can click “Switch to the Website You Created” (Which looks like the image above). The screen will darken, and you will be directed towards a box that resembles the image below.

You can also click the down arrow next to your username in the top right corner of your screen.

Select “Change Customer Website”- Which will also take you to the darkened screen, which directs you towards a box shown below.

Under the Box marked Change Customer Website choose a customer website who's storefront you would like to impersonate, and click .

In order to Change Back to your Employee Website, click the button.

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