Subscriptions allow you to monitor different events. Your profile comes with certain subscriptions preloaded, for more information check Notifications Settings, but Cyrious allows you to create many more.


To start, go to Settings and click Create a Subscription.

Creating Your Subscription


The first thing to do is put an answer in the Whenever drop down. This is the actual event that you are monitoring. For example, if what you want to be notified of is an order reaching the WIP stage, you would find that choice here.

Do This

The next dropdown, Do This is you telling Cyrious what you want to do. You can choose to have an email sent to your email inbox, or a system message to your Cyrious Inbox.

For the Following

Once you have filled out those dropdowns, a list will appear titled For the Following appears. This list does not apply to every subscription, but it gives you the option to customize when you get notified. So, if you only want notification when a certain group of people do what you selected in the Whenever dropdown, you can specify that in For the Following. If you want notification whenever anyone performs that action, just leave them all as any and move on.


To is where you select who you want to be notified. Most people, if they can create subscriptions at all, can only create them for themselves. However Administrators can create subscriptions for other employees and contacts.

Using these Technologies

If you are having it sent to your Cyrious Inbox, using these technologies is just a box you have to check off.

If you are having it sent to your email, there is a bit more there. Check the box, and you also have the opportunity to set what email you want to it to be sent to. It will default to the email in your notification_settings, but you can manually change it for each new Subscription.


Read the Summary before you hit save. It puts into words all the commands that you entered in the previous dropdowns, so if you are confused and not sure whether or not you set it up the way you want it to be set up, the summary will tell you.

Subject and Message

You have the opportunity to customize what you want the message to say. These are simple text fields

Hit Save and you are done!

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