Shipping methods are customized products. So the setup is fairly similar to the product_setup

Through Cyrious Online, you have the ability to allow your customers to have different shipping methods, as well as create new ways to ship products. You also have the ability to provide a certain type of shipping on one store front and not another. You can edit existing shipping methods by clicking on them in the image above.

Click the Add Product Button to add a new Shipping Method

Here you can choose when you want the product to be shown to customer websites. If you want to stop offering a shipping method, mark it as Inactive

This is where you set how it is going to be delivered.

If you want to provide a estimated time of arrival, that can be done as well

Here you provide limits on how or when you are going to offer this service.

On the pricing tab, you have several different options

The Customer Websites tab is where you decide which websites you want to offer the service to.

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