=Custom Color Setup=

Online lets you save specific colors, and they will be available for use in the Online Designer.

Ways to Choose Colors

You can either use the Color Picker, or enter the RGB values.

Approximating from RGB to CMYK

Unfortunately, their is no deterministic conversion between RGB and CMYK. Online will approximate values, and sometimes it will be closer than others. However, if you know exactly which CMYK values you want to use, you can uncheck Approximate between CMYK and RGB and manually enter whatever values you want to correspond.

The next option you have is the ability to print something as a Spot Color.

Spot Colors are Colors that are named in the PDF that is generated to print from. So instead of the PDF identifying the color as 98, 82, 0, 30 for CMYK values, it will give it a specific name.

Give it a name and Save it, and your color will be available while using the online designer.

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