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= A Little Bit About Us=

Cyrious Online is an online storefront application (and more) for the digital printers, sign, and graphics companies. Cyrious Online establishes your presence on their desktop, tablet, or smart device to make the process of ordering from you much, much easier. In a nutshell, our goal is to extend your business processes to include your customer. Cyrious Online was designed for digital printing, sign, screen printing, and graphics companies. It works for small format as well as large format printers. But unlike some other application, we aren't trying to make you the seller of all things to everyone. Our primary focus are those businesses that serve specific customers (e.g. large companies, franchises, and chains) or targeted industry segments (e.g., printed wallpaper).


Cyrious Online is a super useful resource, but it does come with some specialized terminology. To learn the difference between a Contact and an Employee, or between a Business and a Customer, Click below for some basic online lingo.

Some Other Video's You May Enjoy

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