Online Terminology

Cyrious Online is an online storefront application (and more) for the digital printers, sign, and graphics companies. In a nutshell, our goal is to extend your business processes to include your customer.

As simple as Cyrious Online can be, some specialized terminology will be used from this point forward to insure we all stay on the same page.

  • Business- That’s you guys, the people who purchased Cyrious Online. Program your brain now– Business=You.
  • Employee- An employee is someone who works for the Business. Remember: if Business=You, then Business Employee=Your Employee.
  • Employee/Business Website- we’ll refer to your managerial website as either the Employee Website or the Business Website. Think of the Employee Site as Command Central– You will be able to add/delete employees, products, and much more from here.
  • Company- A company is YOUR customer. If you are printing signs for Johns Pizza, Johns Pizza is an example of a Company. Company=Them
  • Contact- A contact is someone (a person) who gives you money. A contact is buying things from your storefronts, and is NOT an employee. Every Contact Belongs to a Company. You can have multiple contacts in one company, but:

Contact ( YOUR customer) → Company (THEIR business)

  • Customer Website/ Storefront- A Customer Website (sometimes called a storefront) is where Companies go to buy things. Customer Websites are separate from the Employee Website, though they are set up and monitored through the Employee site.

Companies Buy things at the Storefront.

  • Private Customer Website(Private Storefront)- a private customer website requires a Contact to enter an email address and password in order to purchase things.
  • Public Customer Website(Public Storefront)- a public storefront is open to anyone on the internet. Anyone with the Correct URL can buy the products on a public customer website.
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