Release Date: 01/17/2014

Major Features
  • Custom Web Addresses

If you’ve been waiting to implement your customized domain, wait no more. You can now add your own URL, (e.g. or If you are interested, please be sure to check out the details on the WIKI here before you purchase a domain or SSL certificate.

  • Full Non-US Currency Support

Many of our customers are operating in both the US and Canada. Now, for each customer website, you can now specify the currency to be used. The numbers remain the same (that is, it doesn’t convert any prices), but the display and payments connections (including with PayPal) will now operate any of the following currencies: US$, CAD$, £, €, and others as the need arises.

  • Assets - Unable to access a published asset from one website (image, doc, etc.) from another website - 6396.
  • Assets - Only low resolution asset images are displaying regardless if you specifically request the thumbnail, high-res, etc. - 6397.
  • Job Board - Adjusted width, height, and overall style of buttons utilized for changing the status of an order. -6373.
  • Login - Upon login to online an error advising Invalid column name 'PriceInfoValueMin', Invalid column name 'PriceInfoValueMax'. was displayed - 6405.
  • Products - Show Price Information in Search Results not displaying entered text - 6385.
  • Theme - Unable to save any modifications to the Website Group - 6400.
  • Theme - When attempting to save theme, an error “The property 'BID' is part of the object's key information and cannot be modified.” - 6372.
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