Release Date: 01/03/2014

  • Order Status Expansion

Previously, managing your WIP was something that was done outside of Cyrious Online. New statuses were added (and the capability to change a status), so the life cycle of an order status now looks like:

Pre-Release ® Released (to Production) ® A/Rs ® Closed.

The first two statuses represent work-in-process (WIP). Marking something as Shipped moved it out of WIP and into A/Rs. When it is marked as paid, it moved to Closed. You will find buttons to mark an order as shipped and/or paid on the job board or on the order details page.

  • Business - Country selection not properly saving. - 6193
  • Cart - When adding product to the cart, if the user is not logged in the cart contents are lost when required to log in. - 6018
  • Cart - The cart shows “Call For Quote” when there no items in cart. - 5966
  • Checkout - Error when attempting to specify contact name and new shipping address. - 5912
  • Companies - When accessing a Company Record - BalanceDue is not supported in LINQ to Entities - 6282
  • Companies - Tax exemption information was not being properly saved. - 6035
  • Companies - Added ability for an employee to delete all addresses for any contact. - 6142
  • Companies - Modified the Payor tab to only appear when an alternate payor has been specified. - 6280
  • Line Items - The thumbnail image for products is not loading on on certain orders. - 5921
  • Orders - Approved Stamp is not present on orders which have been financially approved. - 5927
  • Search - The wording “No Results” now displays if no results are found when searching your product listing. - 6298
  • Settings - Cleaned up wording of “Set up to accept PayPal payments”. - 6341
  • Settings - Removed “Change the Web Address for a Customer Website” since this is not a supported feature. - 5625
  • Themes - Modified the default logo to be low resolution to decrease page load time. - 6285
  • Websites - Foreign Key Constraint error saving a New Customer Website. - 5955
  • Websites - Some public websites were prompting for login credentials. - 6336
  • Websites - Error when attempting to use a Custom Domain that contains a comma. - 6281
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