Thank you so much for your purchase of Cyrious Online! We're sure you have tons of questions, and we hope to help in any way we can.

  • If we can do anything, just Click the Ask Cyrious ! blurb at the bottom left-hand side of the screen either here on the Wiki or on your Employee Website and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. (If contact is from the Wiki afterhours, leave us a Name and Email Address so we can contact you.)
  • If you find something On one of our Websites that doesn't quite work right, please let us know! Either let us know with the Ask Cyrious ! box below, or post it up on our Bug Forum.

First Things First!

If you're ready to dive right in, go for it!

  • But if you want–before you get started–we recommend you take a quick look over some of the technical terms we use here on the wiki, in the videos, and on the websites. Click the link below to check it out


Grab Some Popcorn!

  • errrr…. maybe a keyboard instead?

We've got tons of pages that you can read that will explain anything you want to know, but the easiest way to set up your business for free is to watch these webinars that walk through the starting process from the cyrious.com/online webpage.

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  • Wanna see more Online videos? Click videos!

Don't like videos?

Check out our text page getting_started.

It has all the information and links you need to finish setting up your Employee Website and open up your first Storefront!


~ greenshot000110.png_width75_height95_linkonline_settings Setting up both your Business Website and your Customer Website can be done through the Settings Tab of a User marked Administrator of the Business Website. From the settings wheel (which looks similar to the picture on the left) you can follow the step by step procedures which duplicate those of your Cyrious Online Product.
Like it says above in the “Setting Up Your Business Part 1” webinar, from the Setting Wheel you can change the color scheme, create Customer Storefronts, and Manage who can see/buy what.
~ greenshot000108.png_width75_height95_linkonline_orders

From the Orders tab you can manage your Contact's orders, See there Status, who they were Placed By, the name of the Company, the specific Customer Website, the product price and much much more. ||

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