Items in Cyrious Eagle may be inventoried in order to keep track of available units. The inventory represents a simple count of items that is automatically decreased when an order is placed. If an order is rejected or cancelled, the inventory quantity is not reset.

Users may adjust Inventory on the Inventory Tab of product_setup. In order for a product to be an inventoried, it must meet the following conditions:

  • It must be a stock product.
  • The Size attribute must be set to “No Size” or “Fixed Size”.
Inventory History

Every change to inventory is recorded in the Inventory History. This table tracks the inventory levels before and after, the employee that changed it, and the order if applicable. The entire history of any inventoried item is visible through the Inventory Tab of product_setup.

Setting Up Inventory

Inventory is enabled on the Inventory tab of Produt Setup.


Notes on inventory:

  • If an employee disables inventory, the quantity is set to Zero (0) on Save.
  • If Inventory is enabled, you will not be able to save the product if it is changed to a Manufactured Product or the size is not fixed.
Using Inventory in Orders

Rules for using Inventory in order entry:

  • Inventory levels for inventoried products are always displayed to employees.
  • Inventory levels for inventoried products are displayed for customers only if:
    • The inventory setting to show to customers is selected.
    • AND the quantity is at least 1.
  • If the Inventory is zero or negative, customers will not be able to add it to the cart unless the option to “Permit Ordering Even When Quantity is Below Zero”.


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