Cyrious Online uses the term Employees to refer to your employees (those working for the business that owns the online site). This is distinct from the use of Contacts or Customers, which is used to mean the employees of the businesses that buy from you.

You can create a login for each of your employees. Under settings, click on “Setup Additional Employees” or “View Employees”. This will open the View Employees screen listing all of the employees set up in your business.


To add a new employee, click on the button on the top right of the screen. Only Business Administrators are allowed to add new employees. If the button is not visible, check the permissions for the user you are logged in on.

The employees in your business will be listed in alphabetical order. You may scroll to view all the employees, or search by any part of the employee's name by clicking in the search bar and typing.

=Employee Detail Record=

To view a detailed employee record, click or touch the employees name. This will open the employee detail record.


In employee settings, the information is arranged into several tabs:

  • General - Used to enter the name, address, phone, default email, and basic location information.
  • Images and Documents - Used to upload and view the employees image/icon and other digital assets that are (in general) available only for the employees use.
  • Permissions -
  • Billing - Used to change your credit card billing information or cancel service.
  • Customer Websites - Lists your customer websites.

=General Tab=

This tab is used to enter your the employee's basic information.

What's important to do:

  • Enter the first and last name.
  • Enter the employee's email address. This email address is used as the default login username for the employee. You can use a different email address by entering it on the permission tab.
  • Enter the employee's cell phone number if you are going to use text notification (when available).

All fields:

  • Name - The employee's first and last name.
  • Position -
  • Addresses - Create one or more addresses for the employee.

Note: You do not need to enter the business' address. If the work address is the same, just omit it.

  • Phone Numbers - Enter one or more phone numbers and designate their type.
  • Locators - Enter email addresses, twitter names, faceboook names, etc. in the locator box. Cyrious Online will automatically recognize the type based on the format of the data you enter.

=Images and Documents Tab=

The Images and documents tab houses a folder you can use to store digital assets for that employee.


What's important to do:

  • Upload your employee image or logo. The primary image for an employee is displayed next to their name throughout the program. The first image you upload is automatically set as the primary, though you can change any image to be the primary.

=Permissions Tab=

The permissions tab is used to set whether the user can login, and their login information.


What's important to do:

  • Enable the user to login.
  • Select the User's security role. See security_roles for more information on the permissions that apply to different security roles.
  • Enter the User Name. The user name must be an email address. Upon save, an email will be sent to the user with a link to set their password.

=Notifications Tab=

The notifications tab is used to specify which automatic alerts an employee wants to subscribe to, and whether to send then to the employees email address and/or use the Cyrious Online internal inbox. Note: Regardless of the options selected, only employees authorized to received notifications will actually receive them.



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