One thing to remember is that these are your default settings. You can override them on an individual basis.


The first tax option offered by Cyrious Online is to Disable Sales Tax Calculations. This is helpful when in areas without sales tax, or in situations where tax is applied elsewhere, however is rarely needed across the board.

Single Tax Rate charges all customers a uniform tax of whatever percentage the user decides. Within the single sales tax rate function you can decide specifically what part of a product you tax: whither its the shipping, installation, products, or anything else.

  • NOTE the first box, which is unchecked in the photo above had an option for “Deliveries only in California” the state deliveries depend on will vary depending on where YOUR business is located.

The Online Sales Tax Lookup option will automatically look up the tax prices both where the user and the customer are, and decided the rate internally. The Tax Shipments/Deliveries only in California box should be ticked if you want Cyrious Online to look up the proper sales tax, but let out of state customers purchase products tax free.

  • NOTE “Deliveries only in California” depends on the state where the user is located and will vary accordingly.

Press Button to save Tax Setup Options

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