At times you may want to enter an order for one of your customers, perhaps you want to do the design for them or maybe they have a special set of needs and would feel more comfortable if you put the order together and sent it to them for approval. You can achieve this by requiring financial approval on orders.

Financial Approvals like other settings within Cyrious Online allow you to set your defaults at the top level (Your Business) and then override this behavior at the additional levels below.

Below are the main areas these settings can be adjusted.

  1. Settings > View My Business Information > Approval.
  2. Settings > View Customer Websites > Select a Customer Website > Approval.
  3. Settings > View Companies > Select a Company > Approval.

Based on your needs you will need to decide how to set your financial approval options.

Sample Scenario

In this case let's assume that I want every company that is under a particular customer website to require financial approval.


  1. The customer website is named: Big Kahuna Burger
  2. Big Kahuna Burger is national franchise with 100 locations.
  3. We have created 100 companies, 1 for each location.
  4. We have created 1 contact on each company for the location's Store Manager.
  5. That contact has a security level of Administrator.

Once we have completed these steps any order created for any company (location) will require financial approval if it was not paid in full at the time it was placed.

  1. Log into your Cyrious Online Employee website.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Click on View Customer Websites.
  4. Click on Big Kahuna Burger in the list of Customer Websites.
  5. Click on the Approval tab for the Big Kahuna Burger Customer Website.
    • Adjust the option When is financial approval required for orders? and select For orders on account or otherwise not fully paid.
    • Adjust the option Any contact in the company with roles of ___ or higher and select Any contact in the company with roles of Administrator or higher.
  6. Click the Save button to apply your changes.

In this step, let's assume that John Smith from Big Kahuna Burger location #12 called our office. He expressed interest in purchasing some customized products but he was on the road, pressed for time and wondered if we could just design something up for him and shoot over the order for him to review and pay. We really appreciate John's business so we oblige. To create the order we'll:

  1. Log into your Cyrious Online Employee website.
  2. Locate the products that John requested and add each one to the cart.
  3. Be sure to select the Company: Big Kahuna Burger #12 then select a contact of John Smith.
  4. When you're finished adding all items, click the Checkout button to proceed.
  5. Checkout (Approve Artwork): If you have any artwork, put in your initials to approve it and click Approve Artwork.
    • Note: Don't worry, the customer will have to approve it during their checkout process.
  6. Checkout (Shipping): Select any appropriate information for the order and click Continue Checkout.
  7. Checkout (Payment): Choose On Account as the payment method and click Continue Checkout.
  8. Checkout (Confirm): Ensure everything is correct, if so click Place Order.

Order #2500 is created for John.

As soon as Order #2500 was placed, Cyrious Online sent John an email notification alerting him that an order was placed for him that requires his approval and payment. From this email John will click a link to log into Cyrious Online and complete the checkout process. For this scenario, let's assume John is still on the road when he gets an email notification on his phone. When he gets a few minutes he completes the process below.

  1. John checks his email and sees the email from your business alerting him of the new order.
  2. John opens the email and clicks the link to Approve and Pay.
  3. John is brought to the login page for the Big Kahuna Burger customer website.
  4. John enters his username and password and is brought directly into Checkout (View Cart).
  5. John can see the 3 items you added to the order for him.
  6. John clicks Continue Checkout and is brought to the Checkout (Approve Artwork) step. He reviews the artwork and is pleased with everything.
  7. John clicks Continue Checkout and is brought to the Checkout (Shipping). He notices the shipping method is Ground, but sees that 2nd day is only a little more so he elects that option and clicks Continue Checkout.
  8. John is now on the Checkout (Payment) screen, he selects Paypal and proceeds with payment on the order.
  9. John's Paypal was accepted and his brought to the Checkout (Confirm) screen where he can have a final review of everything. Everything looks good to John so he clicks Save Order.

From this point Order #2500 has been placed for John, it has been paid in full. The order has been changed to a status of Released and is available for you to transfer into production.

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