When employees log into the Employee Website, they see all products and the default business theme. When you customers log in, they see the customer website's theme (colors and fonts) and only the products you have set up for that website.

Sometimes is is desirable for employees to see the system from your customers view. Cyrious Online permits employees that are Advanced Users or above to impersonate a customer website, or switch their view so that they see more closely what the customer sees. There are still differences in the display. Most notably the employee can still select the customer and contact for the order, and have the same Settings options they have in the Employee website. This serves two major functions:

  • It allows employees to confirm the visuals and products from the customers point of view.
  • It makes it easier to focus on setting up a new website by removing the extraneous information.
Impersonating a Customer Website

There are two ways to impersonate a customer website:

  • Next to your user name at the top of the screen, click the down-arrow and choose Change Customer Website.
  • In the setting tab, under Main Setup, click Switch to the Website Your Created.


You can select from the drop-down showing the list of Customer Websites you have and click Change to switch to the new view. The Reset button is used to switch back to the Employee Website. If it isn't present, you are already viewing the Employee Website.

When you are impersonating a Customer Website, you will only see the products they have access to. Newly created products and shipping methods will automatically be included on that website, making it easier to work in this mode when you are entering a lot of products. Companies are also automatically assigned to this website.

To return to the Employee Website view, open the “Change Customer Website” screen and choose the Reset button.


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