It is currently displaying the general_settings Tab. For Information on the other tabs, click the links below.



Adding a new employee has a lot of the same links for setting up your Employee. For conveniences sake, those links all take you to the same page. If you need to navigate back here, just use the back arrow in your browser.

It is currently displaying the general_settings tab. For more information, check add_employee_images_and_documents permissions Notifications Settings

The Me box under Set Up Employee Record where some of the personal information about the current logged in user is found, such as their name, Job Title, and Birthday.

  • NOTE the job title in the ME Box is not correlated with a users status as “Administrator” it is purely for data accumulation.

The Phone number is purely for your records

Make sure that you fill out your email locator. This is the email that notifications get sent to, not your login email. Most people make them the same, but you have to actually fill out this field.

If you don't upload an image for your profile, the picture will default to one of these icons

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