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Main Setup

Set Up Your Business

  1. Enter your business settings and choose colors
  2. Decide how you want your taxes calculated
  3. Set up your employee record
  4. Set up additional employees
  5. Import starting products
  6. Set up Online to accept with PayPal
  7. Set up Online so you can chat with your customers

Set Up Your Customers

  1. Set up your Customer Websites and Website Groups
  2. Switch to the website you created
  3. Switch back to your Employee Website

Additional Resources for Setting Up Your Customer Sites

  1. View product categories
  2. View product choice groups

Advanced Settings

Your Business Information

View my business information
View employees
View my employee profile
Set up PayPal to accept payments
Set up your tax information
View other business options
Add an employee
Reset my password (Email)
Set up Online Chat for your customers
Configure custom web addresses

Your Customer Website Information

View customer websites
Change business/customer website
Add a customer website
View other customer website options

Your Customer Information

View companies
Add a company
Create a subscription


View products
View shipping methods
Import products
View product categories
View product choice groups
Add a product
Add a shipping method
Set up colors for artwork