Getting Started

If you've just purchased Cyrious Online and are wondering the best way to get started, click Getting Started.

The key parts of Cyrious Online's implementation include:

  • Online Designer. You can create artwork templates your customers can quickly tailor, or you can turn the reigns over and let them upload or design their own prints and signs. Cyrious Online' designer is easy enough for novices' to use, but still powerful enough to serve your needs.

  • Print Ready PDF. When a user customizes a design, Cyrious Online can produce a high-resolution PDF to size that is ready for printing. Color management (handling RGB, CMYK, and Pantone colors) are just part of the power that is built it.

  • Order Approval Chain. Do you have any customers where ordering is distributed but corporate approval is required? Cyrious Online can automatically manage approval tracking and notification.

  • PayPal and Credit Card Integration. With Cyrious Online you can set up customers to pay on account or require online payment through PayPal or through direct process credit card processing.

  • Live Chat. Know when your customers are online, and answer their questions immediately using the integrated online chat.

What else might I want to know?

We have a lot of resources for those who want to know more. Check out our: