It is currently displaying the images_and_documents_settings Tab. For Information on the other tabs, click the links below.

greenshot000049.png_linkbusiness_settingsgreenshot000016.png_linktheme_settingsgreenshot000022.png_linkimages_and_documents_settingsgreenshot000018.png_linkapproval_settingsgreenshot000019.png_linkcurrency_settingsImage:greenshot000050.png link="Billing Settings"

The Image and Documents tab allows users to flip through uploaded files and sort them based on what kind of file they are. Uploaded files can be accessed by the current user as well as other users within the same company if you grant them permission.

The Search Bar above allows users to search the Current Shown Bar for certain files within that subcategory

  • NOTE In order to search through an entire inventory, select the ALL bar.

Click the Button on the Bottom Right of the Search Bar to add a new file onto Cyrious Online

Upon clicking the Button, the screen darkens and the window above labeled Add New should appear. From here you have many different choices on how you want to upload an image to Cyrious Online.

On the Top Left side of the box is a menu that allows you to choose between different places previous files have been saved. You can look through Your Common Folder (in the image above is for a person named “Jeb Smith”). The Box on the Menu allows you to search specific products that your company produces and attach artwork, documents, text, websites, and other things to specific products. The Employee Website Common Folder Allows you to share files to the employee website as well as customer websites.

You have options while Uploading Files onto Cyrious Online. You can either select an image to upload like the image above shows, or you can upload a document. Both will take you inside your own computer to a Library Tab

If you want to search the web for a file to upload, Cyrious Online can handle that too. Simply Add the URL to the above and click the Button, which will become vibrant once an address has been entered.

   Once you have selected the Images or documents you wish to upload from either the internet or from your computer press the {{::screenshot000034.png?nolink&|}} 

Button at the bottom of your screen to add them into your Cyrious Online Common Folder.

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