Getting Started

If you are getting started, we recommend you follow these steps below. They are found under the Main Setup options on the Settings page.
Settings - Main Setup.png

Set up Your Business

Purpose: This section details the steps you will want to take to establish your general business options.
Time: This section typically takes 20-60 minutes, depending on how many employees you have and whether you need to create new PayPal or Olark chat accounts.

  1. Enter your Business Settings and Choose Colors - Enter your basic business information (address, etc.), upload your logo, set your theme colors, and you are ready to go!
  2. Decide how you want taxes calculated - Cyrious Online makes tax setup easy! This should only take a minute.
  3. Set up your Employee Record - Set up your profile information.
  4. Set up additional Employees - Add any more employees you want to access Cyrious Online.
  5. Set up Online to accept with Paypal - Optional - If you want to accept payments via PayPal, link your PayPal business account to your Cyrious Online business.
  6. Set up Online so you can chat with your customers - Optional - If you want your customers to be able to chat online with you, establish an Olark account and link it to your Cyrious Online business.

Set up Your Customers

Purpose: This section details the steps to create customer websites, the product catalogs, and preload the customers.
Time: Varies based on the number of products in the catalog, the quantity of artwork templates for products, and the number of customers to create.

1. Set up your Customer Websites and Website Groups - Cyrious recommends you start by creating one customer website and work that through to the completion before moving on.
2. Switch to the Website You Created - Now that you have created a customer website, you can switch to that website and view what it looks like to one of your customers. You don't have to do this, but it makes setting up the product catalog for that website easier by removing all other catalogs from what you see.

3. Switch back to your Employee Website - When you are done setting up that customer website, you can easily switch back to the Employee Website to be able to work with all customers and all product catalogs.


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