It is currently displaying the currency_settings Tab. For Information on the other tabs, click the links below.

greenshot000049.png_linkbusiness_settingsgreenshot000016.png_linktheme_settingsgreenshot000017.png_linkimages_and_documents_settingsgreenshot000018.png_linkapproval_settingsgreenshot000024.png_linkcurrency_settingsImage:greenshot000050.png link="Billing Settings"

The Currency Tab offers a many different currency options, though the default setting is recommended for business inside the United States. From here you can change the currency for all existing and future orders. If you are operating elsewhere Cyrious offers plenty of other currencies to choose from. You can come back and change these settings at any time, so feel free to skip it for now if you want.

By accessing the drop down menu on above you can scroll though currency choices and their appropriate symbols by country.

The Currency Note with Prices Box allows you to choose weather or not contacts will see what currency their purchase is in.

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