When you sign up, Cyrious Online automatically creates your “Business”. Cyrious Online uses the term business to refer to the owner of the website. The terms “Company”, “Customer”, and “Contact” are used to describe your customers who order from you.

Your basic business information from the sign up process will be automatically entered, but you will want to enter additional information, set up your logo and colors, and more. On the setting page, click “View My Business Info” or “Enter your Business Settings and Choose Colors”.


In business settings, the information is arranged into several tabs:

  • Business - Contains the address, phone, default email, and basic location information.
  • Theme - Used to set the default colors and fonts for new customer websites.
  • Images and Documents - Used to upload and view the company image, custom fonts, and other digital assets.
  • Approval - Used to set the default financial approval options for orders.
  • Billing - Used to change your credit card billing information or cancel service.
  • Customer Websites - Lists your customer websites.
Business Tab

This tab is used to enter your the basic business settings.

What's important to do:

  • Enter an address for your business. This address is displayed in invoices, and is used as the pick-up or ship-from address for tax computations.
  • Enter an email address for your business. This email address is used as the default send-from email address for automatically generated emails.
  • Enter a phone number for your business. This phone number is displayed in invoices.

All fields:

  • Name - The name of your business. This text displays in the default header next to your logo.
  • Default URL - This read-only field contains the base URL for your business. The employee website will be “cyrious-” concatenated with this address. The default customer website will be “store-” concatenated with this address.

If you wish to change this base address, contact Cyrious Online support via chat.

This URL exists for your use even if you are using custom domain names.

  • Google Analytics - If you wish to enable Google Analytic tracking on your pages, enter your Google Analytics company id in this box. If a valid code is entered, Cyrious Online will automatically insert the proper tracking code. Click http://www.google.com/analytics/ for more information on Google Analytics.
  • Addresses - Create one or more addresses for your business. One address must be designated as the Primary, Billing, and Shipping address. The same address may be used for more than one type, but only one type of address can be designated for each business. The primary address is used for your invoices. The shipping address is the default location for ship-from and local pick-up.
  • Phone Numbers - Enter one or more phone numbers and designate their type.
  • Locators - Enter email addresses, twitter names, faceboook names, etc. in the locator box. Cyrious Online will automatically recognize the type based on the format of the data you enter.
Theme Tab

The Theme Tab for the business is used to set the default colors and fonts for all customer websites. Each customer website may override these values, or choose to use them.

See customized_themes for information on setting up themes.

Images and Documents Tab

The Images and documents tab houses a folder you can use to store digital assets that apply to the business.


What's important to do:

  • Upload your business logo. The primary image is displayed in the header for all customer websites (unless you override the HTML header). The first image you upload is automatically set as the primary, though you can change any image to be the primary.
  • Upload any custom fonts. If you have specific fonts not in Cyrious Online's default, you can upload it here and it will be accessible for all artwork. See online_designer_-_working_with_fonts for more information on adding custom fonts.
Approval Tab

The financial approval tab is used to control financial approval requirements for orders. These settings may be overidden for each customer website. See financial_approval for information on how the financial approval process can be used to integrate higher levels of approval in the ordering process.

Billing Tab

The billing tab is used to update your credit card information, or cancel your Cyrious Online service.


Your credit card information should be entered from the sign-up process. If you need to change the card that is being billed each month, click on the “Change My Credit Card Information” button and enter the new numbers. On the next billing cycle, your updated information will be used.

If you wish to cancel your service, click the “Cancel My Service and Delete My Data” button. Once you confirm this, your business, customer websites, orders, products, artwork, and customer data will all be deleted from Cyrious Online servers. Your data will be permanently deleted, so be certain you want to cancel before confirming this option.

Customer Websites

This page shows the Customer Websites that exist for the business. You can open the setup for any of these websites, but be sure to save first if you have made any changes.


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