It is currently displaying the business_settings Tab. For Information on the other tabs, click the links below.

greenshot000048.png_linkbusiness_settingsgreenshot000016.png_linktheme_settingsgreenshot000017.png_linkimages_and_documents_settingsgreenshot000018.png_linkapproval_settingsgreenshot000019.png_linkcurrency_settingsImage:greenshot000050.png link="Billing Settings"

The first step to designing your own website is entering your businesses name into the Name spot as demonstrated in the photo above. The Default URL is set in a previous state, and can be changed later on.

Next is a space for you to enter your businesses Address, including weather or not the adress should be used for Billing, Shopping, as the Primary or as some combination of the three. As soon as you start typing in the Add Address blerb, the rest of the box will appear.

  • NOTE if you enter a Zip Code Cyrious online will automatically fill in the City and State

The Phone Block to the right allows users to enter a phone number as well as label it a Cell Phone, Fax Number, Home Phone, Business Phone, Work Phone, or Other Phone.

  • NOTE You do not have to add parenthesis or dashes in a phone number, Cyrious online will do that for you.

The Locator allows you to enter internet contact information for your customers.

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