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The main difference between Cyrious Online Basic and Cyrious Online Professional are the amount of Customers Websites that a business has. Cyrious Online Basic starts at $74/mo and includes 2 Customer Websites. For every additional Customer website added to an Employee website, $12/mo will be automatically drafted from the same account. Cyrious Online Professional ($148/mo) includes 5 Customer websites instead of 2, with an additional $12/mo charge above 5.

  • NOTE Cyrious Online will automatically find the best pricing option for your company, which includes switching from Online Basic to Online Professional when the later option becomes cheaper.

Cyrious Online DOES require a Credit or Debit Card as payment, however users can find confidence in the https:////. This stands for “HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure”, specifically, the Secure, meaning that all information, although online, is secure from unwanted users. If for whatever reason you would like to Change Your Plan or your Credit Card Info, that can be done from the Billing Page as well. Also, right above these three buttons is an option to See Plan Details, which redirects users to http://www.cyrious.com/online/#online_panel5_cost_title, which provides more information as a whole on Cyrious Online, and also on a businesses specific plan. NOTE you can also DELETE YOUR BUSINESS FROM CYRIOUS ONLINE by clicking the red button above. You will be directed through onscreen directions and asked for the name of the onwer/administrator of your employee website, BUT YOU CAN CANCEL CYRIOUS with this button. Click to save your new business and continue using Cyrious Online

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