It is currently displaying the approval_settings Tab. For Information on the other tabs, click the links below.

greenshot000049.png_linkbusiness_settingsgreenshot000016.png_linktheme_settingsgreenshot000017.png_linkimages_and_documents_settingsgreenshot000023.png_linkapproval_settingsgreenshot000019.png_linkcurrency_settingsImage:greenshot000050.png link="Billing Settings"

From the Approval Requirements tab, you can specify on what conditions orders require financial approval.

Whatever email is entered here will be the one that customers see for things like receipts or any sort of interaction.

Payment can be required before an order is completed, and can be controlled under this section. Cyrious offers four payment choices; Never, Always, For orders on account or otherwise not fully paid, or For orders with a balance due of ___ or more

With Cyrious Online you can also specify what type of employee's can approve orders from customers, as well as which contacts can authorize the purchase of an order. There is also a feature in the snapshot above that allows an employee who is an administrator to decide whither or not Customers can be administrators of the customer websites.

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